Friday, August 3, 2007

هنر مكالمه - چهار

Thelma & Louise (1991), Directed by Ridley Scott
Louise: Remember when we first met?
Jimmy: Yeah.
Louise: What happened? Tell me what you said.
Jimmy: I said you had a nice pair of eyes.
Louise: And what did I say? You remember?
Jimmy: Yeah, you shut 'em. Asked me if I knew what color they were?
Louise: And what's you say?
Jimmy: I didn't know.
Louise: [She covers his eyes] Jimmy, what color are my eyes?
Jimmy: They're brown.


sun said...

they are still brown!

ندا said...

چقدر عالیه که رنگ چشم های لوییز مثل اکثر آدم ها قهوای انتخاب شده نه یه رنگ خیلی خاص و تک

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