Tuesday, December 28, 2010

هفت نيمه‌شب با «نمای خيابان گوگل»: نيمه‌شب چهارم

The Nine Eyes of Google Street View 2007-2010
by Jon Rafman
حاصل جست‌وجو‌های آقای جون رافمن در «نمای خيابان گوگل»:
لحظه‌ها و تصويرهای غريبی از گوشه و كنار جهان.

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Anonymous said...

These Google's street shots are really great. I don't know if you are finding them yourself or not, but that would be great if you can append their link to your posts. (And you certainly know that you can press the Link button in the upper right corner to get the link to each view). Thanks.

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