Monday, April 6, 2009

آخرين قطار شب - صد و سی‌وهفت


maya said...

even if we could read, write and do a lot of math, we still couldn't do's universe for heaven's sake!

Leily said...

It's always like that, since reading and writing and doing a lot of math are the ways to flee from the reality,from the universe.they're always different things

Zahir said...

خودا وکیلی...!!!
مگه اشکالی داره آخرین قطار شب یه بار هم از سمت مرزهای ایران بگذره و مسافرش یکی از مشاهیر ایران باشه با زبان فارسی؟


selfexpress said...

I completely disagree! Everybody is entitled to think about conquering the universe, regardless of the reading, writing and math abilities. Even in reality, those who conquered the universe were not those distinguished by their reading, writing and math abilities!

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